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Guangzhou CanAm International Medical Center is linked to a 24-hour first-line and front-line emergency response system, which is provided by Chinacare. This link enables IMC-GZ to use the cross-border ambulance services to transfer patients from the Medical Center, hospital or patient's home to a designated hospital in Hong Kong. Chinacare has a 24-hour Alarm Center and a nationwide hospital network. The toll free hotline transfers a patient's medical messages from anywhere in China to the Alarm Center, which will then direct the patient to the nearest suitable medical facility for medical care or emergency treatment. Chinacare has a network of over 800-hospital, which are designated by the Ministry of Health, China and are also supported by the Chinese Medical Doctors Association. This network enables the Medical Center to transport emergency patients from Guangdong and other provinces in China to hospitals in Hong Kong or their home country. More information, please refer to